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A Forever Kingdom

Daniel 2:24-49

The Revealer of Secrets 2

Daniel 2:1-23

The Revealer of Secrets

Daniel 2:1-23

Standing Before the King 3

Daniel 1:1-21

Why do you suppose they thought the king’s food and drink were unacceptable? First, the king’s food and drink were most likely offered to the gods of Babylon before it was served to the king. So, in the Babylonian way of thinking, to eat the food was to worship the god it had been offered to. But what’s the big deal?

Standing Before the King 2

Daniel chapter one shows us the PHASES of training each of us needs to complete in order to faithfully stand before our King. Before we begin looking at the phases of training, I want to point out an interesting literary feature of this chapter. It uses something called a chiasm, with the first 14 verses presenting . . .