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The Final Choice

John 6:66-71, Romans 10:9

All of us make choices everyday. Maybe we make simple choices; for example, how to answer a question. There are also choices that have long-lasting results, such as a job, a life partner, a wife, or a husband. However, the most important choice is to follow Jesus.

Beyond the Material

John 6:60-65

In this life, we are quite limited by location and the hard facts of life. You are limited by your location. Being physical we deal with the material of life. We are up against the hard facts of living from day to day. But our minds can take us beyond the material. By our thoughts, we can transport ourselves far beyond our material surroundings. Jesus taught us some great truth on this in John 6:60-65.

More Than Existence

John 6:51-59

Our earth is teeming with life: plant life and animal life. Scientists have made hundreds of classifications. There are land animals and sea animals, all shapes, and sizes. They all are affected by the life-death cycle. Some live for many years and some only a few minutes. We are a part of the earth’s life. But we have more than mere existence. We have an unavoidable decision.

Believing for Life

John 6:41-51

As people, we are able to choose what we accept. We were made to choose. This is both a personal right and a personal responsibility. It is our right to think for ourselves. It is our responsibility because we must live with the results of our choices. Have you considered the claims of Jesus on your life? Have you thought about the consequences of rejecting His offer of salvation?

The True Bread

John 6:30-40

Bread has been called the staff of life. It is usually made from grain: wheat, barley, rye, or rice. Of course, this bread satisfies only for the day. Is there better bread? Jesus offers us the bread of life.