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Standing Before the King

Daniel 1:1-21

One day we will take our place on the “reviewing stand,” much like the athletes in the Olympics. Only this time, it will be about eternal rewards, not an earthly medal. We’ll stand before our King and give an account of how we have stewarded the gifts, abilities, and resources He’s given us. If we’ve used those gifts selfishly, those works will . . .

Introduction to Daniel

Daniel 1:1-2

As I’ve gotten older and I think back to those stories, especially from the book of Daniel, I’m afraid we too often use these stories to reach questionable conclusions. Like; if you’re faithful to God, He will protect you from the lions (whether literal of figurative). But that conclusion violates the greater teaching of Scripture. Read the end of Hebrews 11 and see the list of people who were faithful to God but lost their physical lives. So, what’s really the point of these stories?

Journey to Bethlehem 3

Luke 1:80-2:7

Journey to Bethlehem 2

Luke 1:80-2:7

Journey to Bethlehem

Luke 1:80-2:7